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A fashion sales agency

Founded in 1980, JODABE & LES GRIFFÉS is a fashion sales agency based in Montreal. Our showroom features each brand in an optimal friendly modern environment.


JODABE & LES GRIFFÉS is a fashion sales agency whose mission is to build a long-term presence for its clients in the Quebec and Maritime markets. Our sales team is dedicated to boosting our brands’ visibility and increasing their market shares by delivering impeccable representation. In addition, we are committed to providing amazing customer service and to building long-term relationships with retailers and suppliers.

A talented team


Stéphanie Gauthier et Marie-Pier Racine se sont rencontrées durant leurs études en communication marketing à l’UQAM. Dès le début, avoir sa propre entreprise était une priorité, et dans le domaine de la mode, quoi demander de mieux!

C’est en misant sur leurs expériences en marketing, en vente et en relations publiques qu’elles ont mis sur pied l’Agence les Griffés : une agence unique en son genre, qui regroupe vente et marketing et qui fait toute la différence dans les services offerts aux manufacturiers et aux détaillants.

Stéphanie Gauthier

Marie-Pier Racine

Benjamin Menache

Amélie Legault

Anne-Marie Riel


Jules the Pug

This little pug was born in 2013. His sole sister in the litter passed on her good taste and he has been living and breathing fashion since his earliest days. He is truly our greatest asset in finding the most beautiful trends season after season!

Sales & Marketing

Are you looking for an internship in the fashion industry? You’re in luck! Our agency hires interns each year to carry out a variety of projects. Whether it be for our sales or our marketing department, please apply by filling out our hiring form.

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Unleash your brand’s full potential with Jodabe & Les Griffés

A fashion sales agency


Boost your brand visibility

To boost sales, you need more than new retail outlets! That’s why Jodabe & Les Griffés Agency hosts fashion events for retailers to discover your collections. In addition, the Agency engages with sought-after stylists to have them star in fashion editorials and inspires bloggers to write about your remarkable designs.


Increase your market share

Jodabe & Les Griffés Agency helps you reach your goals and put your expansion plans into action through its careful operations planning. Our experienced and intuitive consultants put together a schedule that ties into the high sales periods in your market (trade fairs, exhibition rooms, etc.) and never shy away from hitting the road to make your brand ever more profitable.


Building relationships with your retailers

Jodabe & Les Griffés Agency always takes its inspiration from its designers’ passion to talk about their brand and to become its best ambassadors. In addition, our consultants take the time to provide regular follow-ups, to manage the ordering, to negotiate contracts, to implement effective go-to-market strategies for products, to put together promotional material – in short, to do everything that can help your creative business grow.

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